Sonntag, 24. August 2008

Bread I made for Easter

Bread I made for Easter
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Sheep bread ... the picture is made with a mobile telephone camera .. but isn´t the sheep a cutey :o)

Here is the Recepie:

500g Flour
1/4 L Milk
1 Egg
80g Butter
60g Sugar
7g dry Yeast (or 25g fresh yeast)
1 tps Salt

I made the dough in the bread machine and then made the sheep, leave 15min in a warm place, brush with an egg and bake for 15-20 min at 180°C (350°F)

German Plum Jam

this picture shows the birth of real german plum jam... the time of year is august to do this... and the taste is really christmassy ...

plums, cinnamon, anis all cooked and filled up in glasses

# 2,5 kg Plums (Zwetschken) without stone
# 500g sugar
# 1/8 L wine vinegar
# 2 cinnamon stick
# 3 star-anise

Day One:

Put in a bit pot, the plums without the stone, the sugar and the vinegar. Stir together and place the lid on the pot. Let rest ´till the next day

Day Two:

The plums with the sugar and vinegar have become very juicy and now ready to be cooked. Add in the Cinnamon stick and the star anise (as soon as it cooks you gotta take them out again, I used a tea filter). Preheat the oven to 200°C while you heat your plum mash to cooking point. As soon as it starts to cook, take out the cinnamon-sticks and the star-anise.

The often should be warm now. Place the Pot inside (without a lid) and let cook for almost an hour, while stirring occasionally.

In the mean time, prepare the glasses your gonna fill your marmalade with (cook in water).

I had 13 Glasses of Jam ca. 200ml each

Mocca Muffins

Mocca Muffins
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Tasty Muffins with a soft cream cheese filling in the middle

Green Carrot Cake

like a summerday-picknick in green grass with colorful flowers all around, dont forget the sunblocker

# 125g Butter
# 190g Sugar
# 1 Egg
# 250g Carrots
# 1 Lemon
# 1 Tsp Vanill-sugar
# 1 Tsp Zinnamon
# 400g Floor
# 2 Tsp Baking Powder
# Salt
# 70g Almond-powder
# 125ml Milk
# 220g Aprikose-marmelade
# 2 Eggwhite
# 400g Powdered sugar
# 2-3 drops of green Foodcolour
# Sugarflowers for decoration


Preheat the Oven to 180C (160C with air-circulation).

Mix together untill creamy the Butter and Sugar.

Add the Egg / Eggyolk, the coarsely grated Carrots, the Juice and the paring of the Lemon and the vanille-sugar to the batch.

In another Bowl mix Floor, Baking Powder, Cinnamon and Salt together.

Mix these dry indegriends by turns with the milk to the batch. At last add the grounded Almonds.

At last add the stiff whisked eggwhite.

Bake in a 18cm spring form for around 50 minutes.

Let the cake cool down.

Warm up the Apricot jam and coat the cake with it.

In another bowl mix together the powdered sugar with the white from egg and the food colour, for a better taste of the icing add vanille or lemonjuice.

After you have the right colour spread the icing on the cake and place the sugar flowers immediately.


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this is a syrian paprika dip, made of fresh paprika, walnuts, garlic and harissa... really spicey and addicting ;-)

Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffles
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First Waffle ever made in my new flip flop waffle maker

what you need:

200g Flour
50g Sugar
1-2 tsp vanilla sugar
20g yeast
0,3L milk (hand warm)
40g butter
2 eggs

mix the flour, sugar and vanilla sugar together
then disolve the yeast in the warm milk and add to the flour mixture

mix together till you got a smooth dough, then leave for 10 min to rise

melt the butter then cool down to room temperature, add the eggs. Then add this to your mixture.

let rise for another 20 min

beat the egg white till stiff, and add carefully to the mixture.

Now it´s time to bake those waffles on your hot iron :o)

N.B. These can be reheaten in your toaster if you have any left overs ;-)

Birthday Starcake

Birthday Starcake
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Lemon Cake with no Baking Soda


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Bounty Muffins and Vanilla Muffins ..

Happy Birthday Bits

Happy Birthday Bits
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This is a traditional icelandic "brownies", a delicious soft and fluffy cocoa cake with icing made of coffee, cocoa and powderd sugar ... sprinkled over with some coconut ... recepie will follow in due time