Dienstag, 27. April 2010

Cupcake takes the Bread

cupcake bread
Usually I bake this bread for easter shaped like a Lamb - see picture here. But today I didn't even know exactly what I was going to make till I started with the little knots and I guess my cupcake love took over and volá here you can see the result

This Dough is sooo nice to work with and for people who like to use the technique in this world - it´s so great to just put all ingredients in the baking machine and press the dough setting. 1 and half hour later I returned to the scene of the cupcake crime and punched down the dough a little and started making these knots and tails - even formed a giant cherry with a stem and leaf.


500g flour
250ml milk
1 egg
80g butter
60g sugar
one pack dried yeast (7g) or 25g fresh yeast
1 tsp salt

if you are not using a bread machine -  disolve the fresh yeast in the warm milk and add the sugar. Combine all ingredients together and kneat untill you have a solid dough. Let rise in a warm place for 1 hour - or untill double in size. Using a Breadmachine - add the ingredients in correct order and choose the dough setting. It takes about 1 and a half hour in my machine using dried yeast. After the cycle is finished or your dough is double in size start forming it and shape it the way you like. Leave for 15 minutes to rise again and brush with milk before you bake it for 15 - 20 min at 180°C (350°F). 

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