Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

Lazy Tuna Sushi Bento

Debra from Hapa Bento called this Lazy Tuna Sushi. It looked yummy so I decided to try it out and here is the result :-)
After cooking the rice (you might see I overcooked my rice a little - prob. cause I didn´t use original sushi rice - next time I will ;-)). I mixed them with the rice-vinegar-water-liquid and formed the little triangles with my hands and then added the tuna flavored with soya sauce, then formed my little triangles and wrapped them up with strips of nori and a little cut out nori triangle for the "eye".

I´m not gonna write up the whole recepie since Debra explains it so well :-D at Hapa Bento - I found the rice got a bit too wet with adding the whole liquid - and I even added some more rice to it. So it´s probably depinding on how wet your rice are after cooking - how much liquid they need.

Cooled down and had with some soya sauce they were really tasty and I am definately gonna do them in one form or another again :-)

Inside my fortune cookie: !Be Patient with others! So I guess it´s telling me to be patient - some day I´ll get the hang of it ;-)

Here is a link to hapa bento blog page - it´s full of yummy things.

Bento Box

Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010

Bento Bento

As I first saw a cute bentobox I wanted one too - there are tons of blogs out there and books about the art of bento. It doesn´t always need to be pure japanese food - though thats the classic bento.  I would call Bento   a lunch made with love to lighten up the day - when you open it and find alot of sweet little things inside it really lightens up your day. And we all know love goes through the tummy ;-)

Here a picture of my cute new bunny Bento box closed

and open :-) full of yummy things

Upper Box (250ml) Contains: 
Star Shaped Boiled Egg
Oatmeal Mocca Sweets (see recepie below)
home grown mini tomatos :-)

Lower Box (350ml) Contains: 
Bunny Apples
Salad and Tomato
Tuna sandwich with the German Flag (see recepie below)

Upper Box:

Oatmeal Mocca Sweet Treats

250g Oatmeal grains
250g Powderd sugar
3 Tablespoon Dutch Cocoa
150g butter - melted
1/2 dl espresso

I decided to make these childhoods home made sweets. We used to make them as I was a little girl and I guess maybe they tought me to like coffee ;-) Today I used a freshly made espresso for the coffee flavor (nespresso Roma). Let the mixture cool a little before you make small balls out of it, cool in the freezer/fridge.

For the cute star shaped boiled egg - I used a bento egg mold. It´s very easy to use. Check here for some instructions on how to do it and pictures of other egg molds.

Lower Box:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away - and these little bunny apples are just too cute - I followed the method to cut the rabbits correctly here.  

Tuna salad for sandwiches

can of tuna in own juice
4-5 cornichons (finely chopped)
1 boiled egg (finely chopped)
half a glass (125ml) mayonese with some sour creme or miracle wip
salt and pepper

This salad is perfect for sandwiches - The recepie´s origin might be japanese - at least its from one of my dear friends thats half japanese and my favorite ex roommate - meine große :-) .
You can use mayonese or miracle whip, or mix mayonese with creme fraise to give it a bit lighter texture. Whatever is more your style.
Drain the Tuna, finely chop the cornichons and the boiled egg (I just put it throug my egg cutter and then take it up and turn 90° and cut it again with my egg cutter) couldn´t be easier. Some salt and pepper if you like. 

The Bread is italian and I used a normal cookie cutter to get the shape I wanted - you could sprinkle it with a little sweet paprica powder on top as well for a pattern. I made it 3 tier and stuck a little german flag in the middle. It´s the day after the big day for Germany with the bad ending.

Bento Box