Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

Lazy Tuna Sushi Bento

Debra from Hapa Bento called this Lazy Tuna Sushi. It looked yummy so I decided to try it out and here is the result :-)
After cooking the rice (you might see I overcooked my rice a little - prob. cause I didn´t use original sushi rice - next time I will ;-)). I mixed them with the rice-vinegar-water-liquid and formed the little triangles with my hands and then added the tuna flavored with soya sauce, then formed my little triangles and wrapped them up with strips of nori and a little cut out nori triangle for the "eye".

I´m not gonna write up the whole recepie since Debra explains it so well :-D at Hapa Bento - I found the rice got a bit too wet with adding the whole liquid - and I even added some more rice to it. So it´s probably depinding on how wet your rice are after cooking - how much liquid they need.

Cooled down and had with some soya sauce they were really tasty and I am definately gonna do them in one form or another again :-)

Inside my fortune cookie: !Be Patient with others! So I guess it´s telling me to be patient - some day I´ll get the hang of it ;-)

Here is a link to hapa bento blog page - it´s full of yummy things.

Bento Box


  1. Bento's are so much fun and pretty too! And you can add so much to them. They look beautiful and healthy too (=

  2. Bentos are a really great idea, thanks for something really different to try in ours.

  3. your welcome - thank you for stopping by my blog and leave a comment :)

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  5. Thank you Vincent :)
    adding it now - happy you like my lill blog :)